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Jun 13, 2022
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It is important to make a clear Phone number database between these two notions. A manager is an employee who has key decision-making and management power. It is more of a technical feature . The functions of a leader are: control task delegation assignment of responsibilities planning motivation work organization representation of the group when interacting with external actors manage internal conflicts functions-of-a-leader It is Phone number database for the team to see movement towards the goal in order to achieve it. To do this, the leader must break down the task into intermediate stages and record the achievement of each of them. The leader is a person who has social influence, authority in the team. He has the support of the community Phone number database because of his qualities, he is the center of influence, he shapes opinion, he can manipulate the mood and atmosphere. It is Phone number database an emotional, psychological and personal characteristic. Depending on the nature of the tasks and the characteristics of the team, the roles of the boss and the leader can be very different. In some situations, it is good if the roles of leader and Phone number database are combined by one person. In other situations, it is more useful to contrast a somewhat detached manager from the team Phone number database a 100% self- leader .


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