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Tamanna Akter Labony
Jun 19, 2022
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In addition to this, other things that a criminal expert does is that he provides technical testimony in a judicial process, so that the Judge or Court makes a decision about the facts Business Email List judged. Being so, then... how to be a criminal expert? Well, in order to become an expert witness , you need to have a bachelor's degree or a degree in criminalistics or criminology. Similarly, it is important to have knowledge in key areas such as anthropology, legal medicine, political science, physics and criminal law. This will allow you to function successfully in this field. MASTER IN SCIENTIFIC POLICE AND Business Email List CRIMINAL INTELLIGENCE Official Master's Degree in Scientific Police and Criminal Intelligence + 60 ECTS Credits MASTER IN SCIENTIFIC POLICE AND CRIMINAL INTELLIGENCE: Official University. Master in Scientific Police and Criminal Intelligence Official masters and campus Bologna official master plan 24462598 COP 42% Discount Total: COP 14261348 What Business Email List is the job of a criminal expert? Now, understanding what a criminologist expert is, we can talk about what a field criminal expert does. In this sense, the criminologist expert must carry out several activities when studying a crime. And it is only in this way that the case can be resolved. Of which Business Email List we can indicate: Show up at the crime scene to search for and collect all the evidence found. They can be: blood samples, saliva, clothing, among others. Carry out the ballistic trajectory (when there is evidence of firearms at the crime scene). Carry out technical inspection. In this, the expert records the original state of the event site. Prepare the planimetric survey that graphically represents the place of the event. Metrically fixing the signs Business Email List that provide important information. On the other hand, these technical tasks are complemented by the legal part, in order to close the circle of investigation regarding their area. legal responsibility What we indicated above is part of what an Business Email List expert in criminalistics does, but he must also fulfill some functions within the judicial part. Therefore, the following explains what a judicial expert does: Prepare a report with the reconstruction of events: This presents the analysis and results of the technical actions with the testimony of the people involved. Answer the Judge's questions about complex technical aspects.
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Tamanna Akter Labony

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