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Air, Heating, & Ventilation

One of the benefits of RV'ing is that you get to enjoy the comforts of home. Having heating and cooling options on your RV allows you to enjoy those comforts on your RV adventures. There are several ways to regulate temperatures such as windows, vents, propane heaters, and air conditioners.

A key factor to reduce smells, odors, humidity, and mold in your RV is Ventilation. Roof ventilation is the most commonly used source of exhaust on RV's and comes in hand crank or electric opening options. Another source of ventilation is by windows, however, roof ventilation gives you the option to leave the vents open during rainy weather.

Common Ventilation brands: Camco, Dometic/Atwood, Fan-Tastic, Heng's, & MaxxAir.

RV Air Conditioning is used to cool your RV when temperatures rise. A/C's are rooftop mounted and can be ducted (vented ceiling) or non-ducted. There are 13.5-k BTU and 15-k BTU models found on most RVs. Multiple A/C's can be mounted on your RV but will be dependent on a source of power for operation. There are also 110V options such as window units and portable A/C's.

Common A/C brands: Advent Air, Coleman, Dometic/Atwood, and Furrion.

RV Heaters warm the inside of your RV when temperatures drop. Heaters come in propane & electric options. The most common type of heater found in RV's is a propane furnace. Heaters can also come as A/C addons or be 110V electric.

Common Electric Heater brands: Furrion & Greystone

Common Propane Heater brands: Dometic/Atwood & Suburban.

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