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Oakland Artist Goes Dumpster Diving To Build Small Homes For Homeless UPDATED

Artist Gregory Kloehn veered off course from a career creating large-scale sculptures, focusing his talents on making tiny buildings from garbage. He erects one-room houses to hotel the homeless, dumpster diving for raw materials which he reassembles into inventive (and minuscule) mobile homes.

Oakland Artist Goes Dumpster Diving To Build Small Homes For Homeless

Kindhearted builder Gregory Kloehn's Homeless Homes project is providing cool little mobile domiciles to homeless people in Oakland, CA, which he creates using materials gathered while dumpster-diving in industrial neighborhoods.

When I see this guy and others turning dumpsters or other really small spaces into homes it is inspirational. Seeing what can be done with a little space shows that it is possible to make things work with a bit of ingenuity.

Gregory Kloehn is a visionary artist who builds tiny homes out of discarded trash, and then gives them to homeless people. He is the founder of Homeless Homes Project and its mission is to bring together imaginative people who create tiny homes on wheels using discarded trash and materials. These homes are then given to the homeless at no charge. When he constructed his first home, he asked himself this question, "Can I build a tiny home from nothing except discarded trash in one day?" We all know the answer. After watching the video below, all I could think was, "Wow." Words cannot adequately describe the awesomeness of this person.

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